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every time you donate, a three-legged, four-chinned homosexual unicorn named Steve is born. and all we need in this world are three-legged, four-chinned, name-changing homosexual unicorns named Harold <3
what whaaaaat.

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United States
hello all you fabulous people.

i don't really know what to put here so i guess i'll just put random stuff:

- my seat in history class is suspiciously colder than the rest of the classroom and smells like sausages.
- my cat fetches.
- my fave movie ending is from harold and maude. harold drives his car over a cliff and walks away playing cat stevens on his banjo. i could watch it a thousand times <3
- i find a new thing in my backpack almost every day that isn't mine at all and wasn't there that morning. (including chips that i don't even eat)
- my cheapo cell phone could be hurled off a bridge and hit the concrete below and still be able to send a text
- i'm (half) chinese (but i look 110% white), welsh, norwegian, german, russian, irish, scottish, english, and basically the entirety of europe--my ancestors were getting it on like donkey kong all over the freakin continent.
- i think there are people living under my bed.
- my bedroom looks like it was hit by a truck. twice.
- purple turtles.
- the beatles, the strokes, green day, hall & oates, beady eye, ELO, franz ferdinand, jet, julian casablancas, frank sinatra, the virgins, muse, mama cass, mutemath, the 88, queen, stereophonics, the fratellis, mumford & sons, the last shadow puppets, michael buble, the shins, the smiths, the temper trap, the young veins, the turtles, phantom planet, boy & bear, cage the elephant, arcade fire, rooney, hot hot heat, skybox, jukebox the ghost, broken bells, neon trees, and interpol-------all kick musical booty.
- old movies are so totally, like, freakin awesome.
- my alias is anastasia beaverhausen II (for those of you who recognize the reference = <3)
- if you put a cup on your mouth and inhale without letting the air out, you become a horsey.
(or jay leno)
- i don't like tomatoes or ham.
- i like eating popcorn with maple syrup :}O
- i have accidentally stuck my pencil/pen up my nose during class when i tried to scratch my face.
- my cat is fat (and she ain't got no hat)
- my fish, N.A.I.F (Not An Interesting Fish), is a professional assassin. all our other fish who have shared the same tank with him have disappeared without a trace. (or maybe he's a professional cannibal)
- if i could grow a mustache, there would be some freaky full-on manly handlebar mustache mojo goin' on above my lip and under my schnozter.
- i don't recommend choking on fruit loops.
- yams.
- my mom pronounces "princess diaries" as "princess diarrhea"
and "harry potter" as "hairy potty". yikes.
- hellooo
-if i could have any accent in the world (besides my regular american one), it'd be an irish accent for sure.
- i once dislocated my knee (out of the 3 times it happened) and my parents weren't gonna be home for a while, so when i couldn't move anymore, unfortunately i was in the middle of the hall.. i laid down and slept -___-
- i once woke up to the beautiful wake up call of my cat sitting on my face.
- every time i try to throw trash from a wide range into a bin, i always miss (annie, you know this)..and then the teacher gives me a funny look.
- i once had a staring contest with a poster on my wall for the fun of it. i won.
- (7/15) i've had this song stuck in my head all weeek (i'm going slightly mad):…

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